November 21, 2011

15.2 SD picture quality "definitely better"

For those who had poor SD picture quality with the first release of TiVo software, here's some news that will be most welcome from VM's community forum:
There is a fault in 15.1 software (a filtering fault), it is published on this forum by VM some months ago, so 15.2 will definitely improve SD PQ. I am in Nottingham and have been upgraded to 15.2 and I can comfirm the SD PQ is definitely better. I have a Sony KDL40HX803 TV.
I'm due for the upgrade on the 22nd, but as I didn't have the problem with my Toshiba TV (it appears to mostly have been reported with Sony and Samsung TVs) I won't be able to tell. Here's hoping this guy's experience is shared by those afflicted.

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