November 22, 2011

My TiVo's been upgraded to 15.2 successfully

Worked as scheduled last night. First comments:
  • Felt much more responsive, faster than I'd expected
  • PIN disabling - hurrah! Still there on the Sky Movie channels (for non U and PG films) but otherwise it can be turned off
  • Sky content now appearing in the preview screens
My rollout was listed as  for Nov 22 so it's 2am that day when it happens (here's MediaBoy's list if you want to see when your area's scheduled). How are you guys finding it?


MAB said...

Notice any improvements in picture quality (SD &/or HD)?

sorearse said...

Yes, However cant understand why the search facility in the on demand section isn't txt like the tv ??? really annoying

Nialli said...

@MAB: I haven't had any issues with my HD PQ. I only had a play for 5 mins. Sky Sports News looked okay in SD, as did BBC1, but I wasn't having the problems that others had reported.

BuddieBoy said...

USB keyboards now works on Tivo in the 15.2 update.

BuddieBoy said...
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BuddieBoy said...

"Still there on the Sky Movie channels (same as the V+)"

You are kindly wrong.

at 11am on Sky Movies Showcase HD and Sky Movies Action HD i did not need to enter a pin because it was a U film and PG film .

I am sure previously you had always enter a pin on Sky Movies no matter what the film was during the day ?

streaky_7 said...

I haven't had update yet and when I try and put on any film on sky movies which has a rating, I have to enter a PIN because it's before 10pm.

The only films I don't have to put in a PIN are the odd ones that aren't rated.

kdowl75 said...

New you tube app appears in music however reverts to old version under All apps and games. No text type on new version and on first look not as user friendly however HD is great

Nialli said...

Thanks, BuddieBoy: post updated.

BuddieBoy said...
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BuddieBoy said...
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BuddieBoy said...

Some of the USB Keyboard functions for tivo below.

Enter = OK button
Esc = Clear button
F1 = Home button
F2 = TV button
F3 = Guide button
F5 = Thumbs Up button
F6 = Thumbs Down button
F7 = Channel Up button
F8 = Channel Down button
F9 = Record button
F10 = Info button

BuddieBoy said...

When you press F11 it goes to a different menu.

K said...

why i sLondon not on mediaboy's list?

BuddieBoy said...
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BuddieBoy said...


This is Where all 50+ the regional headends.

Bromley, Lewisham and Croydon are all in london

Everyone will have the Tivo update by thursday morning.

paininthegulliver said...

yeah got it as well.

much faster channel changing etc.

think they need to take a longer look at the youtube app though, great addition not really that well implemented yet

Gunslinger said...

Ours done last night (22/23rd) althpugh Oxford not on MB' schedule until 24th....
So far so good.

BuddieBoy said...

Sent a email to Virgin media about a dynamic EPG.

"Any update on this ?

Are you working on a Dymamic EPG for Tivo ? If you are Will it be implemented sometime next year ?"

This was the reply


We're currently working with TiVo to look at more frequent updates to the guide data, however at present I can't commit to when that would be deployed to our customers.

Our long-term goal is to add dynamic updates to the TiVo EPG but we are some way off that.

Hope that answers your question.


Can you post this on your blog please ?

Harkaway said...

Two Steps Forward (Quicker menu changes; no more typing in passcode to watch stuff) and one step back (new YouTube interface)

Lots to like, but it clarified that it would be nice to have a couple more improvements. For example, being able to move down menus by tapping letters on the handset (like on a phone). I still miss reminders.

But most worrying is the step backward that the YouTube app has taken. Although having it in HD is great, losing the ability to link it to your account or even to bookmark favourites is a huge step back. Thank goodness the old app is still available; I just hope it doesn't disappear when everyone is updated.

Ending on a positive note I've also started using the Android Tivo Commander app and it's great.

Let's hope to see a continued improvement over the next few months.

BuddieBoy said...
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BuddieBoy said...

In the 15.2 update there is now a subcategory after you select the the HD category.

For example you can create a wishlist for HD Films very easily now.

Could you do this before the 15.2 update ?

stephen said...

In Edinburgh and just had update. Doesn't seem to be any difference in speed so far but early days.

Got the Android Tivo Commander app to work - great to have keyboard input plus search without impacting what's on the TV. Can't wait for proper Tivo Android app.

Kevin Lloyd said...

When we first switched over to Tivo I was concerned about poor SD PQ but then made some adjustments on both the Tivo box and the TV and was entirely satisfied with the result. Not noticing any further improvement in PQ as a result of the upgrade but I tried out removing the dual running of 720 and 1080i on video output and don't now see the need to go back to the dual running. So that is I think a step forward.

mondavi said...

When turning on box, I notice tv displays connection as 1080i, previously 720p. Should I be concerned, or need to manually change something, or is this an improvement ?

NickJ said...

I live in Warrington (which assume comes under the 'North Cheshire' heading but I haven't had my 15.2 update, despite it being listed as due to take place early this mornign, 23rd November. Any idea why, have there been some issues that have caused a delay does anyone know?

DaveM said...

TiVo commander could be really useful. Being able to browse and search and add recordings, with advanced options great. Without interrupting viewing even better!

scottjmagee said...

We haven't received our Tivo update and, according to MediaBoy's list, we should have got this this morning.