November 02, 2011

New and returning US HD series

2 Broke Girls - 2012 on Channel 4HD
30 Rock S5P2 - Fri, November 4 at 10.30pm on Comedy Central HD - at long bloody last!
Allen Gregory - 2012 on E4 HD
American Dad! S7 - January on FX HD
American Horror Story - Mon, November 7 at 10pm on FX HD
Apartment 23 - 2012 on E4 HD
Big Bang Theory S5 - Thu, November 3 on E4 HD
Bones S7 - Wed, November 16 at 9pm on Sky Living HD
Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe - Sun, December 25 on FX HD
Charlie's Angels - November 30 on E4 HD (already cancelled in the US)
Cleveland Show S2 - January on FX HD
Desperate Housewives S8 - 2012 on E4/Channel 4 HD
Dexter S6 - March 2012 on FX HD
Falling Skies S2 - July 2012 on FX HD
Grey's Anatomy S8 - November 9 at 9pm on Sky Living HD
How I Met Your Mother S7 - November 3 at 9pm on E4 HD
Homeland - 2012 on Channel 4 HD
Leverage S1/S2 - Mon, November 3 at 10pm on FX HD
Leverage S3 - February 20, 2012 on FX HD
Mad Dogs S2 - January 2012 on Sky1 HD (not US)
New Girl S1 - 2012 on E4 HD
Pan Am - November 16 on BBC HD
Phoneshop S2 - Thu, November 10 on E4 HD (also not US)
Sorority Girls - Tue, November 8 on E4 HD
The Mentalist S4 - Thu, November 11 on Channel 5 HD
The Office S6P2 - Tue, November 1 at 10pm on Comedy Central HD
The Simpsons S23 - Sun, November 13 at 6pm on Sky1 HD
True Blood S4 - February 7, 2012 on FX HD
Whitney - Spring 2012 on Comedy Central HD


martine93 said...

If anyone else mentions "Sky Atlantic". I will go nuts

martine93 said...

Could More4 HD be added to that list if launches on Virgin Media in December ?

Philip Guest said...

Cheers for the 30 Rock tip.

Curiously, I'd already set up a TiVo alert for any new episodes and they're not being picked up.

parmo said...

Comedy central is annoying for that. As well as 30 rock, new eps of the office and south park have also restarted but none are tagged new on my tivo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Phone Shop tip. caught it last night and it was as funny as ever.