November 25, 2011

Sky F1 plans emerge

According to the Daily Mail:
Sky Sports are set to run a dedicated Formula One channel next season which will be available to Freeview customers for a monthly fee.
In a move aimed at appeasing frustrated British F1 fans following the unprecedented switch from terrestrial to pay-TV, I’m told that Sky will operate the package at a cost thought to be around £10-a-month.
The new channel will be included free of charge in Sky and Virgin Media packages. The new channel is set to run for three days over the course of a race weekend. The service will include live coverage of all three practice sessions as well as qualifying and the race – and it will also host an F1 legends programme.
No word though if it will be available in HD or if you need to subscribe to Sky Sports to get it. Full details are expected from Sky in December.


BuddieBoy said...

From 2:34

BuddieBoy said...

There will have to be HD version aswell.

"Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, said: "This is fantastic news for F1 fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD."

Anthony said...

Moroboshi said...

Not sure how on earth this will appease Freeview viewers. It's akin to someone stealing your car, then saying, "you can have it back, just slip me a tenner a month".

Sky's business model makes me sick frankly. Instead of finding new talent and shows they just wait until something is successful, then steal it.

howardmicks said...

And this flaming county continues to let them get away with it

BuddieBoy said...

Found this on Smallworld's twitter page.

"@elsey1983 I don't know yet. Have asked Sky about Sky Sports F1 HD, but we haven't agreed anything yet. I am assuming we will get it."!/smallworldcable

Remember it is the owner of smallworld that answers the questions on twitter and digital spy.

So this also looks like it could be good news for Virgin Media customers.

Square eyes said...

Just to put you in the picture...

VM have already been in talks with Sky over the new F1 channel

Yes they should be carrying it when it starts in March 2012

It will be at no extra cost because it will be included in the sports package

As for the HD version of the channel we are very confident that that this will also be on the VM platform

Once I get any further information I will let you all know, but for now please don't go asking any other questions, because this is as much as I can tell you for now

Nialli said...

Cheers, Mr Eyes :)

Richard Hall said...

It will be bloody extra cost because some people (myself included) don't have the Sports package! The only hope is that it is made available to V+ users as well, but I sincerely doubt that will happen.

Tony Wares said...

This makes me sick. "Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, said: "This is fantastic news for F1 fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD."

fantastic news for F1 fans?? How? I'd have to pay EXTRA to watch a sport I've never ever paid for to watch on television in the past. Not only this, I'm gobsmacked that the BBC PROMISED us licence payers that they would keep the F1 unrestricted, free and live for all races untill at least 2016. This has been the biggest cock-up and I will now refuse to pay my licence fee as F1 was the only BBC programme I ever watched or listened to.

What with recent updates to the iplayer system with 3rd party providers added to the iplayer interface, including pay for content, it is becoming evident that the BBC is focusing more on their money making skills rather then producing top quality shows.

Sad, sad day for british television. I didn't mind ITV broadcasting F1 so much as it was fre to air, even though the breaks at crucial moments in the race infuriated me, then having to watch a REPLAY of an incident. Typical money grabbing asses.