August 12, 2012

Sky Atlantic series showing on Sky Living

One of the Sky Atlantic premieres this year is now going to be shown, in full, on Sky Living HD from August 20th. Now that makes sense: the show got good initial reviews but was something of a ratings flop on Sky Atlantic (as are most), so putting it on a channel with a wider audience will appease advertisers and mean Sky gets more air time for its investment in the show.
So will Sky do similar with other Atlantic series? I guess Game of Thrones is unlikely, but maybe the homegrown stuff like Adam Buxton's Bug or the Kathy Burke series Walking and Talking? They always sounded more like Sky1 series to me than Atlantic.
There are rumours of more HD channels coming to Virgin Media in the autumn, but I've not heard anything definite yet. ITV2, 3 and 4 are obvious candidates, but anyone banking on seeing Atlantic or F1 is I fear going to be disappointed.


Ross Dunbar said...

Blinkbox have just announced a deal where they'll show HBO shows before the DVD/Blu ray release date (but after Sky).
Season 1 & 2 of Game Of Thrones are already there.

Nialli said...

Cheers for the tip Ross - see new post on the blog this evening

Simple PC said...

F1 HD would be great but the upscaled picture we get on F1 is quite adiquate and doesn't leave me wishing for a HD version.

I'd really like to see ESPN America in HD which is really long over due.

Martine93 said...

" Series 1 of #GameofThrones will be shown on Sky1(HD) from Monday 10th September at 10pm. @sky1insider "

Martine93 said...

Series 1 of Walking and Talking will showing on Sky 1