August 10, 2012

TiVo updates start next Monday

From Virgin Media:
We're updating your TiVo box to enable some great new features.
Your update will happen in the early hours one morning between 13th and 24th August. That's the time we know our customers are least likely to be watching TV or recording shows, so we hope it won't interrupt anything. We'll let you know on 27th August to confirm we've updated your TiVo box.
Make sure your TiVo box is either turned on or in standby mode overnight during this time, since the update won't start until your box is next switched on. Instead of switching your TiVo box off at the mains every night, it's best to just put it in standby. That way, any updates (including smaller ones we might not write to you about) can happen while you're doing other things.
Most importantly, the update will take an average of 30 minutes and you won't be able to watch TV or use the box during this time. If the update is interrupted by someone switching the TiVo box off, there is a small risk you could lose all your saved settings and recorded shows. So, it's really, really important that you leave your box on and make sure everyone at home knows not to use it during that time.
Also, if you have any recordings planned for that particular time they won't record.
And here's a preview of some of the new features included in the update.

  • Record and Reminders - Reminders, where even if you do miss the reminder pop-up, you still won't miss your show as TiVo will still record it for you. 
  • General stability updates for TiVo and interactive services
  • HDMI connection reliability improvements – Some of you who've seen this issue should see a reduction in the number of invalid HDMI error messages.
  • Global settings – You can now set default recording options for new single recordings, Series Links, and WishLists
  • Streamlined Video On Demand Search – You can now find and play your favourite video on demand shows in a flash


howardmicks said...

well i hope they leave it till after the 3 hour raw show if mine is done the early hours of tuesday morning

Lewpy said...

Mine got updated last night (Poole). The giveaway was that it was then on the Preview Channel :-)

Kevin Lloyd said...

It is now clear that (as some of those involved in the pilot phase had found) the update has disabled the latest version of the Tivo Commander app(certainly on Android). Which is far from pleasing.

Harkaway said...

Our Tivo was updated last night, but I'm still able to use RCX for Tivo on my Android devices to control it. I've tested the Remind and Record function, which works fine. Otherwise I'm waiting to figure out if the other improvements manifest themselves.

lg71 said...

How will I know if my TiVo box has updated?

Kevin Lloyd said...

@Harkaway yes the RCX still works. I'd removed the app because I have been using commander but I see that the functionality has been expanded and it is worthwhile. The big loss is that commander allowed direct access to recorded programmes in my shows.

Harkaway said...

@Kevin Lloyd. Good news. You can get direct access to My Shows through RCS. You just need to press twice the X key at the top (it says Tivoq underneath it) and it takes you there. Then use the cursor keys, etc. to choose.

I discovered this by accident and was glad as it made it much easier to use.

I loved Tivo Commander, but after the last update moved to RCX and haven't looked back. Someday, maybe we'll have a better app, but until then this works well enough.

Paul Mckinney said...

I see no change in the new updates 15.3

Kevin Lloyd said...

@Harkaway Thanks, my remaining question about the RCX app is whether the 'mobile' functions including 'search' (and I assume then a record option) can be enabled? I couldn't make the email/password combination work even when going on to the Tivo website. Not a huge problem but commander was very good on search and record and had immediate effect unlike the Virgin app which as we all well know goes via a server and has a considerable delay.

Harkaway said...

@Kevin Lloyd
I absolutely agree with what you are saying about more functionality, but I still use this app a great deal at home.