August 05, 2012

The Olympics HD channels on Virgin Media

I'm late with posting this as I've been away, but for those who haven't already found them, our beloved Auntie has these HD channels available on Virgin, as well as BBC1 HD on 108 and BBC HD on 187. There's also non-HD coverage on BBC3 (106). British Eurosport coverage of the games in HD is on 522 and in 3D on 523.

550BBC Olympics 1 HD
551BBC Olympics 2 HD
552BBC Olympics 3 HD
553BBC Olympics 4 HD
554BBC Olympics 5 HD
555BBC Olympics 6 HD
556BBC Olympics 7 HD
557BBC Olympics 8 HD
558BBC Olympics 9 HD
559BBC Olympics 10 HD
560BBC Olympics 11 HD
561BBC Olympics 12 HD
562BBC Olympics 13 HD
563BBC Olympics 14 HD
564BBC Olympics 15 HD
565BBC Olympics 16 HD
566BBC Olympics 17 HD
567BBC Olympics 18 HD
568BBC Olympics 19 HD
569BBC Olympics 20 HD
570BBC Olympics 21 HD
571BBC Olympics 22 HD
572BBC Olympics 23 HD
573BBC Olympics 24 HD

1 comment:

Snowy Brighton said...

I have to say that the coverage has been superb! The amount of housework and other stuff that hasn't been completed due to enthrilling events covered in's both a blessing and a shame they aren't showing the Paralympics this time.