August 26, 2012

Virgin TV Anywhere to launch this autumn

What Hi-Fi this month has news on the long-delayed launch of Virgin TV Anywhere, the service that promises to give you access to your TV, on demand and manage your set top box from anywhere you're online (although not via 3G yet). Apple iOS first, Android in 2013.

The app aims to bring the Virgin TiVo experience to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to browse the EPG, manage your recordings and change channels without affecting the image on your TV screen. And if you can't agree on what to watch, you can stream content straight to your portable device for a multiscreen experience.  
Due to launch in Autumn 2012, Virgin TV Anywhere is free and, theoretically, available to all Virgin customers. While any Virgin customer can access the new look website, the live TV and on-demand content that you can access will depend on your choice of Virgin TV package. The added extras via the website, such as setting your box to record, managing your recordings, and social aspects such as liking certain content will also be exclusive to Virgin TiVo customers.
The New Virgin TV Anywhere app will also be for Virgin TiVo customers only, bringing the sort of functionality familiar to SKY customers with the SKY Go app to Virgin TiVo users. The TV Anywhere app will launch on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad in Autumn 2012, though an Android app is in the pipeline for 2013. You'll need a wi-fi connection to watch content, though a 3G offering is on the wish list.


BiggerBFG said...

Yes to an Android version, boo to it being after the iPiss version.

An xBox would go down well too.

scottjmagee said...

More people now use Android than Apple's OS so why do we all have to wait until next year for the Android Version?

Richard said...

You need to read the details about android market in more detail.
Whilst more android phones sell, they are on different versions which basically saying there are different os' to develop for. Developing an android app means developing to the lowest common denominator or not supporting all platforms.
Testing is a nightmare because they have to test on numerous platforms.
If they develop the app for 'ice cream sandwhich' and it doesn't work on the other versions... Will you be happy?

iOS is a doddle... One os and 3 screen sizes.

sibod said...

I see that VMHD cant escape the OS wars.

Android may 'sell more' but in terms of both app sales, downloads of apps and relative percentage of high end devices capable of running these video intensive apps, they actually have smaller marketshare.

And the iPad completely dominates the Android tablets in every category.

That and the multitude of screen sizes, OS versions, front ends encumbers the developers tremendously and causes delays in releasing even basic apps.

So in future, please resist simplistic attacks on popular alternatives to Android....

Lakota said...

I'm with BiggerBFG on this one but I couldn't have said it without swearing. The sooner Apple f**** off and dies the better.

sibod said...

Lakota: Your entitled to your opinion, but most of what Android fanbois cite as fact when criticizing Apple are little more than paranoid Meme's with little basis in reality.

Take a chill pill and just accept some people dont like the products you do.

Robert said...

just bitter cus they cant afford apple

FDSW said...

bitter bitter words from apple droids (Robert). I moved from the iphone after it messed up with arial on the iphone4 and my 3gs over heated. using a sgs3 and this is the works. the ipad is great but it is nearing the end off days. so ladies stop this bitch chatter and enjoy the deveices of your choice....