August 07, 2012

Sky's Bond movie channel coming to Virgin - in HD

Sky is rebranding Sky Movies Showcase HD (channel 433) as a dedicated 007 channel in October. It'll be showing all the Bond films in remastered HD, including the sixties version of Casino Royale and the overlong Connery return in Never Say Never Again.
They'll also all be available on demand with Sky Anytime+.
Although I collect old editions of the Fleming books and have fond memories of many of the Connery movies, I seem to find them quite painful to re-watch these days (excepting From Russia With Love). Having said that Daniel Craig in Casino Royale is for me the best Bond (so far) and David Arnold's soundtrack is one of my absolute favourite film soundtracks ever.f
(I went to sixth form college with David Arnold, y'know...)


Brett Salway said...

The names Bond James Bond! love it!

teejayph said...

Looks to me as if there's 25 Bond movies, including the oddities and the new one not made yet...

So that's about 50 to 60 hours max, back to back.

Will the channel really run on a three day repeat cycle for ever? How many time can you watch Goldfinger?

Ken said...

Have to be honest I like Bond as much as the next man but an entire channel for 3 days a week every darned week...?

What on Earth will ITV 3 & 4 have left to show...?

This must be a joke....please

Tamara Valker said...

Who knew there were that many James Bond movies to fill a channel! I adore James Bond movies and own most all of them. However, I don’t have TV. Most everything you want to watch is now online. I love youtube.