January 02, 2013

That number on Sky Sports live footie

Sky Sports live coverage of Premiership games has recently included a rather obtrusive multi digit number in the bottom left of the screen. This started at the end of last year and is apparently an initiative by Sky to clamp down on personal Sky Sports subs being used in commercial premises (mainly pubs I guess). (It's not just on Virgin Media - it's the same for Sky subscribers, albeit in a difference position on the screen.)
I found it annoying but noticed at the weekend that the number disappears if you pause a match and then restart it with a second or two's delay. Much better.


metallicorphan said...

It was showing for me a few weeks ago,but not seen it for awhile now

It is a stupid place to put it,as it covers the pop up stats that show up

If i see it again i will do your trick,thanks for the heads up

NickJ said...

I heard it was to stop people doing live web feeds from their TV screens, as the no. is unique to that box and can be picked up easily by Sky

metallicorphan said...

It's on the Everton Match now,i tried the pause trick but it doesn't work

The number does disappear after awhile though(and reappears later),but i don't think that has anything to do with the pause button

Nialli said...

I think you're right. I have tried to do it again with current game and it didn't work. But it did disappear when I pressed My Shows then went back to TV. Coincidence? I don't know.

metallicorphan said...

when i pressed My Shows it disappeared as it went to my shows but when i went back to the picture it was back,tried it one more time and its gone altogether now(until next time i guess)..Thx

JonnyH said...

Just found this: