January 15, 2013

Turner HD channels to arrive on VM this week?

Media Boy's insider has revealed that two new HD channels are coming to Virgin Media this week as part of the XL package: TCM HD and Cartoon Network HD. Hurrah!
TCM 2 is added to the M+ package. Hopefully we'll get Turner's CNN in widescreen too?
Still now word on any additional Sky channels yet.


howardmicks said...

Finally some more HD channels,but still don't justify the over the top increases.the lack of the sky channels is disappointing and still no sign of universal HD !!!!!

Jon said...

Yawn! The only HD channels that matter (statistically) are

- sports, inc. F1
- ITV 2,3,4
- Sky Atlantic

Darren Taylor said...

How about ITV 2,3 and 4 HD? Come on Virgin Media please.

metallicorphan said...

I wouldn't mind just having Sky Atlantic in SD as long as we have the channel

as well as F1 HD i would like to see Sky News and Sports News in HD as well

Ricky Mills said...

I really dont get why they limit theHD one to XL. That just seems dumb when you consider how much of a niche channel it is.