January 09, 2013

TiVo Mini Extender announced in the US

TiVo in the US has announced the TiVo Mini, a smaller, more efficient set-top box that extends a TiVo into other rooms of the house. The Mini can connect to the TiVo via Ethernet or coax and has HDMI output as well as component and composite. More details on Endgadget. No word if this will be available for Virgin Media TiVo users.


Jon said...

So it uses one of the tuners in your full TIVo for live TV. We would need a 4 tuner box( as in the US) to use this without degraded multi-record ability and a 5 tuner box if I wanted to use them in place of my 2 additional STBs!

Ricky Mills said...

Cant see it coming to VM.

Also how the heck is that thing running so fast and slick when the VM Tivo interface is so slow?