January 25, 2013

3D TV - it's dead Jim

Is there a future for 3D in the living room? I've never seen the appeal and am not a fan of it down at the local Picturehouse either. January's Consumer Electronics Show has for many performed the last rites on the struggling domestic tech:
From The Guardian's CES report:
New technologies dominate attention, not unlike crying babies, but the expo is just as notable for the technologies which appear to gasp, wheeze and die.
Many in Las Vegas agree that this year's biggest tombstone is for 3D. Last year's big thing, the great hope for TV makers desperate to boost sales, flopped in stores. Too expensive, too annoying, too limited, whatever the reasons, manufacturers got the message and switched to developing sharper "ultra HD" 2D screens.
Compared to last year, when you seemed to be offered 3D shades for every presentation, TV-related or not, this year only a few bothered. "Dead, dead, dead. Dead," said one buyer at ShowStoppers, a sideshow event held across from the convention centre.
And the BBC:
 "everyone has finally accepted that 3D TV is dead," with the glasses being reserved for gaming and the cinema.
 Does anyone watch Virgin's 3D on demand content? Give me HD any day.

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Payton said...

Super HD is the way forward imo, I could never get on with 3d glasses.