February 03, 2013

Sky shines, Virgin Media to announce this week

Virgin Media will be announcing its Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2012 results on Wednesday 6 February 2013 at 7am. Pop back to this blog that morning for details and the usual management gloss on what will likely be so-so results. Gone are the days when there would be new channels or even new HD channels announced in the week of the results. There's a new deal been signed with Discovery but no word yet as to what this actually means - Animal Planet HD maybe? Don't get your hopes up. Meanwhile, Sky announced results last week and they were pretty impressive yet again:
[source: Guardian] BSkyB has 10.33m TV customersa nd reported six-monthly pre-tax profits up 7.5% to £642m to 31 December, beating most analyst expectations. The number of customers taking high definition TV rose 93,000 to 4.56m of its total customer base. Revenue rose 5% to £3.5bn in the six months to the end of December. Average revenue per user rose £24 year on year to £568. Churn rose slightly from 9.6% at 31 December 2011 to 10.3% at the end of last year.


howardmicks said...

no surprises there,Sky listen to what customers want more HD Channels.VM continue to ignore and with the recent hefty price rise(still waiting for something to justify this) i hope figures are down then maybe vm will wake up and do something about it (we hope)

Unknown said...

I left VM after 20 years as I got a 50% of deal with Sky ie sports, movies, telephone and broadband 10mb unlimited for £42.50. I gave VM the opportunity to match it as I didn’t want to give up my TiVo box but the best they could do was the full price of £78 so no deal there so I walked. VM need to get real and start offering some decent deals IMHO.
If anyone is thinking of leaving I would suggest that it is worth it if you can get a deal but the Sky set top box is nowhere near as good as TiVO and it only has a small hard disk if you go for the free box as I did. It is counter intuitive at some things, only has two tuners and doesn’t remember series links which is crazy. Sky Go is great.