February 25, 2013

Sky Movies line up to change in March

Anyone hoping that the arrival on Sky Movies Disney meant an additional movie channel for their money will be disappointed with the following announcment:
Sky Movies Classics & Indies are being withdrawn as separate channels, with their content being merged and will be replaced by a newly badged channel called Sky Movies Select and Sky Movies Modern Greats will be re-badged as Sky Movies Greats.
So here's the new HD channel line up (from 28th March)
431 - Sky Premier
433 - Sky Showcase
434 - Sky Greats
435 - Sky Disney
436 - Sky Family
437 - Sky Action & Adventure
438 - Sky Comedy
439 - Sky Crime & Thriller
440 - Sky Drama & Romance
441 - Sky Sci-Fi & Horror
442 - Sky Select

(thanks to MediaBoy for correcting the previous version)


Phil Baxter said...

The Sky Movies line up is consistently dreadful. It's pretty much wall to wall brain dead Hollywood tripe. Even when watched on Sky's considerably cheaper streaming service Now TV at £8 a month, it's still not worth the money.

LoveFilm are so far ahead on the streaming movie front now it will take a serious effort from both Sky and Netflix to catch up.

Doctor Who The Movies Game said...

Why is Sky Movies Classics and Sky Movies Indie withdraw from this.