February 19, 2013

Farewell BBC HD, hello BBC2 HD

The six-year-old BBC HD channel will end next month and be replaced by a high definition simulcast of BBC Two at 6am on March 26th. It will arrive on Virgin Media down amongst the dead men on channel 187. The channel will be a HD simulcast network of BBC Two.
BBC Two controller Janice Hadlow said: "BBC One HD has already proved to be highly valued by our audiences and I'm delighted that we're able to follow this with the launch of BBC Two in HD.
"The launch of BBC Two HD will allow us to showcase more of our programmes at their very best - helping to highlight our commitment to high quality, engaging and ambitious programmes on BBC Two."
Hopefully, they'll still find somewhere on the schedules to include some BBC3 and BBC4 content in HD, although that's been getting less and less on BBC HD of late. There have been rumours of BBC News going HD, but nothing confirmed from the BBC that I've seen.


Phil Baxter said...

I wonder why Virgin Media bury the BBC high-def channels so far down the list. Truly a bizarre decision.

Not that it really impacts me, as I switched to using iPlayer for everything some time ago

speajc said...

So if you want to watch the five main terrestrial channels in HD, its 108, 187, 113, 142 and 150! Very intuitive!

sduncb said...

That is all suppost to change soon where the hd chanels will take the same number as sd for hd subscribers