February 15, 2013

Sky Movies and Sports SD offer

"Take the Sky Sports and Sky Movies Collection and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s jam-packed full of, well, everything! You’ll get 5 Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports F1, and 12 Sky Movies channels, including Sky Movies Premiere. You’ll be able to watch the latest blockbusters and get all the action, drama, comedy and excitement too whether it’s on the pitch or at the pictures.
Just £16.37 a month for 3 months
And then £32.75 a month after that
Order online today or call us on 0800 952 2228"
Don't know about HD - I guess that's still an extra tenner a month. I have to say that I don't find the picture quality on the Sky Premium HD channels to be consistently good and the SD versions are pretty muddy and awful on my TVs.


Francisco Rocha said...

have them add sky sports 3 and 4 in HD as well because you only get sky sports 1 and 2 in HD!

speajc said...
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Jezler said...

Watch your bills if going for this. I signed up to be billed full price!