January 11, 2013

VM adding channels in January?

Rumours have started again that VM are planning to add channels this month. Speculation appears to centre around those hardy perennials Sky News HD, Sky Sports News HD and Sky Atlantic SD, and there's also the Turner HD offerings (TCM and Cartoon Network) being suggested. Active thread over on Cable Forum.
Meanwhile, ITV1 reverts back to being called ITV next week and BBC1 Scotland HD launches for those north of the border.


Ricky Mills said...

Give my Sky Sports F1 HD and I'll be happy - wouln't be at all surprised to see it added as the virwing figures were horrid and Sky need to do everything possible to boost them quickly.

metallicorphan said...

those are the channels i want the most,but this rumour was going about end of November beginning of December,so not gonna get excited until i see the channels on my line up

Darren Taylor said...

I will only believe it when we actually get these channels. There has been far too many false rumours.