October 20, 2013

Media Boy reports the following to appear before the end of the year

Media Boy's posted an amazing list of missing SD and HD channels and I'll be stunned if they all arrive in the next few months. I've not heard any confirmation on any of these, which are pretty much all that we're missing on Virgin Media worth having:
I can now reveal that the following channels should launch before 2014 on Virgin Media:
Sky Atlantic HD
Sky News HD
Sky Sports F1 HD
Sky Sports 3 HD
Sky Sports 4 HD
Sky Sports News HD
Channel 4 +1 HD
Disney Channel HD Disney XD HD
Universal Channel HD
Add in the confirmed BBC News, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC3 and BBC4 HD launches and that's an early Christmas present for all VM customers!


Jason said...

I would love these channels - I only watch channels that are in HD so this would be very welcome just in time for Christmas.

streaky_7 said...

I've been with VM all these years, TiVo since the launch, desperately waiting for these channels to come on board, and now when they are looking more and more likely too, I go buy a house in an area where Virgin don't operate.........great work me! Enjoy :(

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This comment has been removed by the author.

I have to say i am sick and tired of these rumours.

You said a month ago that you would NOT post rumours like this on your page again(you have deleted that post it seems?), and here we are barely two months after the initial FAILURE by BomberAF(and by the way, this is the 3rd time that somebody has named a time period for lots of these SKY channels on Virgin and nothing has appeared at all) and you are now posting more of these lame rumours. I mean it was only two months ago that you drove into us that SKY Atlantic was coming NO LATER than September and that never happened.

Just quit already, its not news, there is NO proof or evidence of this, mediaboy says ''i can now reveal...''...like it is some marvellous announcement...but the truth is he can not write ''i can now CONFIRM''...because he can not confirm anything and neither can you. It is not a 'reveal' if it is not true or has truthful evidence behind it.

I GUARANTEE to everyone reading this now that over HALF of those Sky channels listed will NOT appear at all including SKY Atlantic...please dont fall for this AGAIN.

Like the last several times, dont listen to these petty rumours with NO substance to them whatsoever and dont let them get your hopes up, it is not worth the dissapointment.

andrew goodman said...

Media Boy has been Bang on the money so far as i have checked so this must be happening.
Also it stated that they would not be posting anything about Sky Atlantic that was just rumors until full confirmation and now they are confirming it before 2014.
Media Boy is the only site that gives you the updates proper, not BomberAF who is just guessing

Nialli said...

I thought twice before posting on Media Boy's latest blog update. Like the guy a few comments back said, this list seems very rumour-based and I share the scepticism that it's unlikely that some will turn up at all, let alone by the end of the year. I also don't know the source for this MB post.
But I do know that Sky and VM are on good terms at the moment and that Sky is looking to wholesale its channels (including Atlantic) to other carriers. (Even BT now has Sky Movies,albeit in SD only).
Sky and VM have a new carriage deal but I don't know any specifics about it.

Mark said...

The blogger seems to be afraid not to post such rumours just in case they turn out to be true. As a result, there remains just as much uncertainty as usual.

Terry B said...

I don't think you will see Sky Atlantic HD on Virgin, Media Boy is wrong.

Nialli said...

Nothing confirmed still by anyone I know at VM. A few posts still over on Cable Forum saying Atlantic is a done deal but I do wonder how much of this is wishful thinking.

Terry B said...

Any update on Sky Atlantic being on Virgin? I think Media Boy is incorrect on this.

Nialli said...

No update or news on Sky Atlantic. Nothing more than a rumour it turns out.