October 15, 2013

TiVo update FAQ

Due in the next few weeks, along with the arrival of the Netflix App, is a major update to the TiVo software. Here's the VM FAQ for people who are in the trial areas:
So, what’s new with TiVo?
Even more great entertainment at your fingertips with Netflix
You can now watch Netflix using your TiVo box if you’re a Netflix customer already or by registering atwww.netflix.com/virginmedia. To see what’s on Netflix hit the Home button, go to Apps & Games > TV & Movies, and select the Netflix icon. You can also find Netflix films and shows using TiVo search.
A More energy efficient TiVo box
You can now save energy and money on your electricity bill by automatically setting your TiVo box to go into standby mode, this means you won’t have to switch off your box at the mains any more. Even when in standby mode your TiVo box won’t miss a show – it wakes itself up to make any recordings you’ve requested. 
You can set to go into standby if you haven’t used your box for two or four hours. To change your default setting, go to Help & Settings > Settings > Devices > Power Saving Settings.
When your box is in standby mode, you’ll see a red light to the left on the front panel, but no picture or sound. Waking your box is easy, just press any of these buttons on your TiVo remote:
• Home
• TV
• Channel up/down
• Any number key
• Power
It’s easier to find the stars and shows you love with WishList™

We’ve made WishLists™ even easier to set up. Just let TiVo know the actors, directors or shows you can’t bear to miss and TiVo will automatically record anything that fits the bill. And you can do it without interrupting what you’re watching.
We’ve even redesigned the WishList™ menus in HD, so they look that little bit nicer.
Clever TiVo will make even better Suggestions for you
TiVo will suggest more of the shows and films you love based on the stuff you record and give the Thumbs Up. 
Discover your new Discovery Bar
Your brand new Discovery bar makes it much clearer why we’ve suggested films and programmes for you to watch, whether it’s a live sports event, it’s similar to other programmes you’ve enjoyed, or simply because our team have handpicked it for you to enjoy.
We’ve now introduced high contrast displays for some of our screens, these include our full screen guide, mini guide and channel banner.
To turn this on go to Home >Help & Settings > Settings > Display and Subtitles > High Contrast Display
Note: If you were part of the earlier phase of this pilot in Peterborough, Crawley, Andover, Londonderry and Swindon your TiVo box was set to automatically go into Standby if it is not used for four hours. To change the default to use of one the other energy saving modes or to switch this off go to Help & Settings > Settings > Devices > Power Saving Settings.
To wake your TiVo box up again just press the <Home><Power>, <TV>, <Channel up/down> or Any number key on your TiVo remote.


John McE said...

We've waited a year for a new update. If the changes listed constitute a "major update", i'd hate to see what a "minor update" would look like.

The most pressing problem I've been hoping would be addressed, especially now all of the BBC's and ITV's main channels are going to have an HD version as well as an SD version, is an extra option to allow people with HD sets to remove the SD versions from the guide, or to map the HD versions to the SD channel numbers. At a stroke that would make finding programmes far quicker and easier.

Andrew Mckenzie said...

I agree!! I have an HD TV so if I can watch stuff in HD then why would I want to watch in SD....its an easy thing for them to add and a useful thing

Unknown said...

I am pleased to learn that Virgin Media finally added new accessibility feature to let me know that there is subtitle when browse around TV guide with high contract coloured. Thank :-)

Zazu said...

Also have you noticed the Live Guide (Guide -> green 'options' button -> Style) ?

Robert cound said...

I would love the recordings to be fixed where it would last alot longer before the recordings get deleted automatically because if someone has a lot of programmes to watch they will get time to watch one block before the others get deleted