October 31, 2013

Virgin launches SmartCall on iPhone and Android

A new app from Virgin Media lets customers use their landlines through a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection.
A new app from Virgin Media lets the VM landline customers make unlimited calls from their home phones - regardless of where in the world they are.
SmartCall allows users to use their Android or iOS devices (including the non-phone iPod Touch) as if they were their home phones instead, so long as a Wi-Fi connection is available.
The app is free to Virgin Media home phone talk plan customers and available on any carrier - youd don't need to be a Virgin Mobile customer.

I've had a quick play and it seems to work well: here's the Apple link for those who want to give it a try

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Virgin Media SmartCall

Virgin Media
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Updated: 28 Oct 2013

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nigeldodd said...

Virgin charges a call connection charge of 14.94p per call plus 9.94p per minute unless you pay more money and get free calls.

My mobile (Three) costs 3p per minute payg with no connection charge.

All is not what it seems?

openviews said...

Re nigeldodd

It is impossible to be charged for any calls made using this app. If youre making a call thats not covered in your landline package it wont make the call. Even for compatible calls it will disconnect after an hour so even with these your not charged.

Its pretty clear when you read the site, no conspiracies here.

Unknown said...

If your going on holiday upgrade your telephone package to XXL so it includes mobile calls so you can call your friends on mobiles for free too.

Terry B said...

Using this on iPhone, it works very well, Ido have unlimited landline calls in my plan anyway, but it's handy to me at home, as my signal not very good.