October 31, 2013

TiVo update and Netflix roll out

Seems to be underway. I've heard that folk in Hartlepool and Bristol have been updated overnight. I don't have any details as to the plan, but the official pilot blog may have more details as the rollout progresses.
Update: Teesside (Stockton), Avon (Bristol) and Croydon all updated overnight, too. Spiderplant reports that there'll be no rollout plan published and that the rollout won't be completed by the 6th (contrary to reports elsewhere).


Nick Smale said...

We got it about a week ago. It's a bit fiddlier to access than the playstation version, but nice.

Unknown said...

Netflix is good when you get into it, I use Netflix US via my roku but use TiVo when using the UK one through the same account, lot of stuff not on the US version and vice versa.