October 25, 2013

Premier Sports on Virgin Media

Premier Sports in standard definition has appeared on channel 551 this morning, just in time for the Rugby League World Cup. More information on the channel can be found here.
Apparently it's free on all packages until the end of the year then £7.99 a month next year, but there's still no official word from either Virgin or Premier Sports on the deal - but the channel has been broadcasting since the early hours of this morning (25th).


properrlfan said...

Very pleased with this. More pleased with this than BT Sport as I have no interest in Football, but love Rugby League. Just wish it was in HD. Just need Sky Atlantic, & Universal & History in HD to make Virgins channel selection complete for me!!!!!


This is a WIN for the NHL i love to watch.

However, i have the largest TV package and would hope for PREMIER to be included in that package, and not pay an extra 7.99 a month. I already pay more than my TV package for Sky Sport and Movies...