April 29, 2014

Just received this from Now TV


We'd like to say sorry for the problems you’ve experienced with NOW TV recently.

To apologise, we'll shortly be sending you a £10 voucher which you will be able to redeem from a wide range of shops including ASDA, Morrisons, John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Boots.

Thank you for your ongoing patience at this time.


What's a little odd about this is that I hadn't actually complained to Now TV about the service problems of the last week but had mentioned it on a few posts on this blog. Either Now TV monitor this blog (which I doubt, but if they do - hi guys!) or the problems are pretty widespread and affecting all customers. I'm surprised they've gone for the voucher compensation - I would have thought an extra couple of months of the Entertainment sub I have would have been easier, but I'm not complaining. Having said that, I doubt I'll renew the service once Game of Thrones has finished its current run.


Conski said...

Is the content on Now TV in HD?

Nialli said...

No. I've been told the On Demand content is 720p but I'm not so sure.

Unknown said...

720p is HD it's just not full HD

Unknown said...

Although I agree. It seldom looks it

Robert Campbell said...

I was near the end of the first episode of Game of Thrones when it was first broadcast on demand and the service crashed, as a result i got a free month from them. The service was down again on Sunday so expect this is another form of compensation.

Nialli said...

Major service issues nationwide on Sunday and Monday. The NowTV Help twitter feed makes interesting reading, especially when some complaining customers are told to restart their equipment when clearly the problem was more widespread and not a case of "have you tried turning it off and on again?"