April 27, 2014

Sky Atlantic on NowTV - don't bother

After an appalling week, I've just about had it with NowTV - first, the picture quality on the live streaming proves unwatchable with awful blocking and almost constant buffering, now I find that I can't access anything as it tells me I have "too many devices logged in simultaneously', despite only having one NowTV box. Log out, log back in and it just says "Oops. Try again later". It's been like that all weekend.


Rishi Patel said...

stick to downloading mate i got 120mbps
downloaded last nights episode of game thrones in 30 seconds utorrent all the way sky is only good for sports

Matt Hopkins said...

The NowTV box is just plain awful - I agree. The web site and ipad app are fine, but the box isn't even worth the £9.99 I paid for it.