April 08, 2014

Netflix 4K Ultra HD hits the UK, but not yet for TiVo

Netflix has begun streaming video in 4K Ultra HD resolution in the UK, launching the service with House of Cards Season 2, but you'll need to have a new 4K TV with the required HEVC codec.
So that's good news if you shelled out as an early adopter for a 4K TV from LG, Samsung or Sony as they have the latest Netflix app, allowing them to stream 4K content, but there is no word yet on a new TiVo app. 
Nor is there going to be masses of 4K content. A Netflix spokesman said "Initially, there will only be a few titles on Netflix available in Ultra HD. We will have House of Cards Season 2 as well as a few nature documentaries. We will add more titles over time, but it will be a slowly expanding offering."


Terry B said...

Virgin are always having faults with TV in my area, including with Netflix, this never happens on the Netflix on my tv, here is Virgin's report: There is a fault disruption.
Customers are experiencing the loss of Netflix app with error UI-113
Fault reference: F003019467

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