April 01, 2014

Sky announces another satellite exclusive channel

Not content with depriving Virgin Media customers of Sky Atlantic and Game of Thrones et al, Sky has now announced another channel of premium import content that will only be available to satellite customers.
Sky Indian Ocean launches today and is a Sky exclusive. Featuring "the very best of Bollywood and Indian programming", including simulcasts of the latest soaps and every single episode of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, all 1833 of them, which will be screened ten a day over the next six months.
Also announced, but launching later in the year, is the Sky exclusive Sky Barrier Reef. "This one's taking a little longer to get together," said a spokesman, "on account of high quality Australian programming being pretty much non-existent. Aside from Skippy and The Only Way is Tasmania, it's all shite to be honest. And don't get us started on New Zealand TV - strewth."
Rumours of Sky English Channel, featuring only Jersey-based programmes such as Bergerac, have again surfaced over on Digital Spy forums.


Rich G said...

Nice April Fool.



tassiekev said...

And just what did us Tasmanians do to get roped into this???