July 03, 2015

BT Sports Europe coming to Virgin Media?

Not a source I've seen before, but according to IP TV News:
Virgin Media today announces BT Sport Europe will join its existing sporting line-up. “If the football is on, we’ll be showing it,” explains Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media Chief Executive. “Virgin Media is still the only provider that offers you front row access to all the live sporting action at home and on the go.” The new channel will be available to Virgin Media customers from launch on 1 August. Full details of how it will be incorporated into Virgin Media sports packages will be announced soon.
No word as to if it will cost customers more or whether we will get the channel in HD. Stay tuned.

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Andy Thomas said...

Virgin Media have confirmed this: http://about.virginmedia.com/press-release/9474/virgin-media-signs-bt-sport-europe-line-up