July 20, 2015

If you're unhappy...

...at the prospect of having to pay £3 more a month for XL TV for a sports channel you don't want, check out the footnote note of the email Virgin is sending to all XL customers:
We really hope you want to continue enjoying all the unmissable sport and top TV heading your way in your bigger, better TV XL package. But if you wish to, you can cancel or change your package at any time before 31 August 2015 without paying any cancellation fees, by visiting virginmedia.com/biggerbetter for more information.
Some VMHD readers have reported that they've been told they don't have to pay the £3 if they don't want the Sports Europe channel, but when I asked VM about this I got the following response:

"Do XL customers have to pay £3 extra if Sept if they don't want more BT Sport?" 
"That is the case I'm afraid. We did our research and we know our XL customers enjoy watching sports, we’ve worked hard to keep costs down. If your price is impacted you’ll receive a letter or email explaining any contract terms. It depends on your package. You can also give us a call on 150/0345 454 1111 and we'll look at what we can do to help."


Pabs TheGeek said...

All I want for Sports is the F1 Channel, this increase is now putting me off and wanting to reduce my package!

SLE said...

I agree with Pabs the Greek, if I want the sports channels I will ask for them, I do not like to be told this is what you are having and bye the way we are increasing your payments.
Every year there of my subscription there has been a price increase, and what for, slower broadband, sluggish Tivo, and endless cold calls some package!
I to am now going to look at what I have and reduce the package, pretty fed up with reality shows on every channel(or so it would seem).