January 02, 2008

BBC HD favourite programme poll

This month's poll on the blog asked what was your favourite HD programme on the BBC in 2007. It didn't ask what best showed off High Definition picture quality (perhaps it should have done) which makes the final positions a tad predictable given the demographic of the blog's readership.
Anyway, first place with over a third of the vote went to Heroes, one of only two US imports to make my shortlist (the other being The Company that only got a couple of votes). I'd first watched the series on the Sci Fi channel, where the PQ was so-so and it wasn't even presented in widescreen. For me, it was good but not great, the pace being a bit slack mid-season and it only came good with the last five episodes. It wasn't the best showcase for HD, but its huge popularity as a show made it the standout prog on BBC HD in 2007 for you guys, so well done BBC for sticking it on HD (and keeping it consistently in the same timeslot for the entire run).
It was good to see an appreciation of great documentary-making score with you highly, as for me this is where HD lifts the enjoyment of TV to new heights. And in 2007 there was no finer example than the landmark series Earth: the Power of the Planet which came second in our poll with 19% of the vote. Volcanoes, the sea, even ice looked fabulous - if you ever doubted HD makes a difference, this was the series that would convince you. Okay, so some of the archive footage was barely SD, let alone HD, but the overall eyeball throttling brilliance was fabulous.
Another documentary series (and my personal favourite) came fourth in our poll: Galapagos. This was my first HD experience, but I found a second viewing over Christmas confirmed it as the year's highlight for me - breathtaking stuff.
Third in our poll was Torchwood, with the other BBC light drama series Robin Hood appearing fifth. As I'm not a great fan of either, I'll not pass comment.
Nothing else scored in double figures, and there were 161 votes in total. Probably my biggest oversight in compiling the shortlist was missing off the Top Gear polar special, so apologies for those who enjoyed that little gem. Happy New Year everyone; this month's poll will appear over the next few days.

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