January 03, 2008

The BBC response on FA Cup in HD

Just noticed this post from Loz over on the AV Forums as to why there's no FA Cup coverage in HD this weekend on the Beeb

from BBC Sports
I have just got clarification on this. The reason is that we didn't get
permission to run the BBC HD channel until towards the end of the year.
In those circumstances, we weren't able to commit any spend to HD with
the exception (for various technical and logistical reasons) of the
Olympics. So the early rounds of the FA Cup in 2008 were never planned
for HD coverage, but the semi-final and final are scheduled for HD.


Dazza124 said...


Any chance that we will see the Rugby Six Nations due to start Feb 02 this year



Nialli said...

Nothing certain, though the Head of BBC Sport said they were "reviewing" the six nations for HD when the BBC HD channel was fully confirmed back in November (see my earlier post)

demented said...

I notice that sports (Sky) is doing really well on the HD poll you are running. I have to say that although I did not vote for it, I would be really keen to see a football match in HD to see how much better and what is better so I am disappointed too. This is after years of seeing appallingly poor football pictures in 4:3 usually on ITV channels on digital.

Nialli said...

BBC HD has screened a number of England home games (and last year's FA Cup semis and final) - footy is impressive in HD but I was a little disappointed to be honest. The crowd looked amazing. The pitch crystal clear, but both are a bit distracting when you're trying to watch the game. A mate of mine asked if we could watch the second half of the Croatia game on regular BBC1, as he found the HD image hurt his eyes! We were both crying by the end of the game, mind you...

demented said...

True enough, a few a year is just not enough though really which is what I think we're all getting at. I wonder whether that ITV shows so many football games is another reason why ITV HD does (relatively) well in the poll because if Virgin Media got it it may (or may not) show quite a few games in HD (that's about standard def then!).

Nialli said...

Good point. Next season ITV has FA Cup, England home internationals and Tuesday night Champions' League. They have already indicated ITV HD will launch for Euro 2008, so things could definitely be looking up.
Why else would anyone want ITV HD?