January 17, 2008

New poll - what would you prioritise in 2008

This week's poll asks what you feel that Virgin Media bosses should have as their number one priority in 2008. Although this is an HD blog, I think the results will perhaps be a little less predictable. I've turned off the "multiple answer" option on this one - so if it was you running the company, what would you do first? Answers in a week!


WildThing said...

Do you forward these results on to Virgin?

dazza124 said...

email reply from Neil Berkett saying more HD arriving 2008 mainly on VOD but also some linear

Nialli said...

I've sent some past polls to Virgin, but just had the standard response back. Interestingly, one of my guys at work has recently left and taken a senior job at Virgin Media TV, so I now have a more direct communication to the company. Seeing him next week for a catch up...this blog could suddenly become a far more "informed" unofficial source!