January 27, 2008

New Attenborough series NOT showing on BBC HD

Attenborough's latest and last great documentary series, Life in Cold Blood, is NOT appearing on BBC HD. The series debuts on BBC1 on Monday, February 4th at 9pm but at that time BBC HD viewers are "treated" to a repeat of How We Built Britain.
I'm seriously disappointed, and I bet I'm not alone. Is this is a ratings ruse and the series is to later appear in HD once it's completed its first run? Was it shot in HD?? Either way, it undermines the BBC's commitment to show the best of its output in high definition. Planet Earth and Blue Planet were both in HD - to have such a monumental series in SD beggars belief.

postscript: it WAS shot in HD, too! "
Shot in high definition and costing around £800,000 for each episode, Life in Cold Blood is the final chapter in Sir David's epic "Life" strand which began in 1979 with Life On Earth."

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