January 22, 2008

Five additional HD channels coming to Virgin Media in 2008?

According to a posting from "TV Boy" over at Cable Forums;

I have got info tonight that Virgin Media are looking to start up Channel 4 HD, ITV HD and THREE other HD Channels within the year 2008.

Note: Channel 4 HD will start before August, Virgin are still in talks with ITV for their HD Channel.

The three unknown channels maybe the following:

Discovery HD
National Geographic HD
History Channel HD

He's normally quite accurate, so here's hoping he's on the button with this one! I would personally prefer a Five HD and Film4 HD over the History Channel or Discovery, but beggars can't be choosers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nialli,

That is wonderful news if it comes to fruition. I would love 2 of those extra channels to be Nat Geo, Discovery as well. As for the History channel, I'm old enough to remember most of it :)

demented said...

Again where is the space? Other than that this is fantastic news. I don't really watch these channels (too much channel drift over recent years - ice truckers!?)but it'll look great for stats. It'll be four HD channels and when ITV HD and 4HD arrive it'll be 6. 6 + vod vs 11 makes sky look a lot less dominant, hurray! Might speed up the uptake of V+ and encourage other channels to go HD in the medium and long term. Probably the best piece of news since the merger/rebranding really if we assume that ITV HD and 4HD are coming along too.

Chris B said...


I searched for 'virginmedia' and 'hd' and came up with this. it's now a year later and still only one channel! what a waste of time ntl has become :( we called 150 and the Indian call centre agent obviously couldn't give a monkeys!

gazzh said...

still only the one come on virgin give me sports in hd .plz

Anonymous said...

Still only one