January 23, 2008

Six Nations confirmed in HD

BBC HD will show a number of the Six Nations matches this year, starting with England v Wales on Saturday, February 2nd at 4.15pm, followed by a half hour "Six Nations Forum" programme at 6.30pm. On Sunday Feb 3rd they have the Scotland v France game on BBC HD at 3pm (again with the Forum following).

Sorry to say but I can't find the Superbowl showing on the BBC in HD - I think that's a Sky Sports exclusive, but if you enjoy loud, over-the-top American pyrotechnics you may take some comfort in the BBC showing Pearl Harbor in glorious HD the following Tuesday!


dazza124 said...

Fantastic...I cant wait as an obvious rugger fan.
Even if you dont like the movie itself it would be great to see it in hidef

siggyboy said...

Great News.

Hope they will seriously look at Sky Sports HD. This would be a big step forward!