February 29, 2008

How many hours of HD are you watching?

120 votes in this month's poll; most of us watching a handful of hours a week. 41% watching up to two hours, a third watching up to five. 15% watching more than five. I guess that was pretty predictable, but I thought some folk trawling through the 70+ hours of Lost in HD would bump up the averages a fair bit. Maybe not.
My current series links include the HD versions of Around the World in 80 Gardens; Damages; Torchwood; That Mitchell & Webb Look and I pick up the odd special (e.g. Messiah 5), so I'm slap bang in the middle of our sample's votes. Of course, if the likes of Life in Cold Blood and Ashes to Ashes were in HD I'd be at the top end, but they're not, and with films rarely appearing and the FA Cup still not with us in HD, I'm still pretty limited in my HD enjoyment, as are most.
New poll will appear in the next few days. Thanks for voting again, chaps.

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