February 27, 2008

New software upgrade for V+

According to reports over at Digital Spy (see this thread) and on the Newsgroups, there's a new software upgrade being tested in some areas for the V+. It's supposed to address some long standing issues, including the disabling of the RF and Scart outputs when HDMI is enabled and audio dropouts on some channels.
If you've received the upgrade, your software versions will read:
Application Version 11.3.2_ukcable
Software Version

Here's the post from the Newsgroup for info:

Hi all,

I'm pleased to confirm that yesterday morning we downloaded the new V+
software release to the Crawley and Southport areas. Over the coming days we
will deploy to four further pilot regions - Swindon, Warwick, Wessex and

Whilst customer pilot is the final formal stage in our software release
process before we deploy to all customers, issues can be found during this
phase which lead to the software going back into development. Because of
this we won't announce full deployment dates here until the pilot is
successfully completed.

Stephen Featham

(Head of TV Product Engineering - Virgin Media)

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