February 18, 2008

New poll - how much HD are you watching?

Just had a look through the Planned Recordings on my V+ for the week ahead and was quite surprised as to the amount of HD recordings scheduled. Damages, Around the World in 80 Gardens, Torchwood, Mitchell & Webb - that's a third of my regular recording now in HD. Add in my viewing of HD On Demand content and almost half of my regular viewing is in HD. Are others finding the same thing, or is my BBC-centric viewing exceptional these days? (I don't watch anything just because it's showing in HD - the novelty's pretty much worn off now.) I've posted up a new poll to see just how exceptional I am ;o)

1 comment:

straygoat said...

I don't watch ANY HD broadcast material even though I have the V+ box and a HD ready tv!!

I can't stand the BBC's output...way too politically correct for me! Apart from MOTD and The Apprentice, I don't watch anything on the Beeb. I don't like their radio stations either.

I don't use the HD on demand service either. If it wasn't for the upscaling of the V+ box, I wouldn't have bought/hired one.