February 01, 2008

Lost Season Three arrives in HD

Great news for those who thrive on confusion and piecing together impossible puzzles - Lost Season Three has arrived this morning on VM TV Choice on Demand and, as usual, the episodes have been delivered in a somewhat haphazard manner that's every bit as confusing as the programme itself.
[slight edit ahead] There are 23 episodes to season three, but so far only 20 are listed in my ex-NTL region. Missing (lost?) are 4, 11 and 13. Why? No idea. Maybe it relates to Hurley's lottery numbers. Dunno. Hopefully these will appear over the next week or so (that's what's happened before - and here episode 14 and 20 have appeared since I first posted this today). I think the series disappeared from Virgin screens around episode 9 btw. If you don't mind watching in SD, all 23 episodes are available via Virgin Central's menus.
And seasons 1 and 2? Both now complete in HD, the former returning after a few weeks' absence. Hurrah!
Having seen Season Three, I can offer this quick, non-spoiler summary; great opening, then drags for about a dozen episodes, then has a few great episodes and ends with an absolute humdinger.
Season Four starts on Sunday on Sky One - find a friend with Sky and a DVD recorder (that's what I did)...

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