February 21, 2008

Night Stalker in TV Choice on Demand HD

Night Stalker is slowly materialising in the High Definition section of TV Choice on Demand. There are now five episodes listed in my ex-NTL region (1-5). [Edit: as of Saturday, we're now up to episode 7]
It's another of those attempts to fill the post XFiles sci-fi mystery void, but it met with general apathy in the US and was whipped off the air after six episodes in 2005. There were actually ten filmed in total (the unbroadcast ones appearing online as downloads) though whether Virgin Media will make all ten available I don't know. Here's a summary from tv.com:
Crime reporter Carl Kolchak is partnered with Perri Reed at The Beacon , a Los Angeles newspaper. Together they investigate a string of strange murders...all of which may be related to the death of Kolchak's wife 18 months earlier in a similarly bizarre manner.

Be warned: the tenth episode ends with an unresolved cliffhanger.
(Incidentally, Lord of the Rings fans may find leading man Stuart Townsend interesting to watch; he was Peter Jackson's original choice for Aragorn, but was sacked after a few days of filming as it was felt he was too young for the role.)


Andy said...

It's good to see that Virgin are adding to the VOD HD content - although I'm not sure 1/2 a series is going to hit the spot! BTW thanks for all the effort that goes into this site, it is very much appreciated.

dazza124 said...

email from filmflex:

Thanks for your email. We have a number of HD titles which will be coming on over the next month:

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

Rise Of The Footsoldier

2 Days In Paris

Death Proof

The Walker

Hallam Foe


Jack Solesbury

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