February 25, 2008

Night Stalker HD now complete

Took a day or two, but the ABC series Night Stalker is now complete with all ten episodes available in TV Choice on Demand. As mentioned in an earlier post though, it's 'complete' as in every episode is now available on VM, but not 'complete' as in the story...it was cancelled prematurely and unlike Day Break was never wrapped up properly.
Incidentally, I've noticed all the US drama programming appearing in HD, with the exception of Criminal Minds, is originally from the ABC network - does anyone know if Virgin has a deal with ABC (owned by Disney I believe)? If so, we could soon have Desperate Housewives, Men In Trees, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, Pushing Daisies and the intriguing Eli Stone joining the HD On Demand line up

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