April 10, 2008

FilmFlex HD

The HD fayre on Filmflex looks like it's picking up: over on his excellent Inside Virgin blog, Virgin1 reports that in addition to Pulp Fiction (now available), Eastern Promises and Armageddon in HD. Presumably with the same bizarre pricing structure we currently "enjoy". More at Inside Virgin


Dazza said...

I would still like to see info on the audio being broadcast before i pay for a HD film(e.g. DD 5.1).


Nialli said...

I can't find anything online on the matter, so I've mailed Filmflex and they say they'll find out and let me know. I'll post it here when (if) they respond.
(I thought all of them were in 5.1. As my system is just 2.1 I can't tell myself except that I've noticed 5.1 sound is quieter than regular stereo.)

virgin1 said...

Thanks for the mention today Nialli! I dont want to get to in depth with HD content as this seems to be your field rather than mine! I will keep you posted on any releases of HD content whenever the "jungle drums" let me know!

virgin1 said...


Like the new section on your main page for "new" HD content on the day!

Dazza said...

Hi nialli

I also sent a email to filmflex so hopefully some answer should be forthcoming.
Strange that the audio info isn't automatically stated by either FF OD or VM.
Interesting news about the new PVR testing.hopefully alot more goodies coming our way this year.

Dazza said...

Quick reply from filmflex:

Hi Darren,

Thank you for your email.

We’re taking this matter very seriously as all of our films should be in 5.1 when in HD.

Can I ask you which film it was that you watched that was in stereo?

For your trouble I would be more than happy to send you some free film goodies…

Kind regards,


Andrew Nerger

Research and Web Administrator

FilmFlex Movies Ltd.

1 Stephen Street




virgin1 said...


All HD content broadcast on Virgin Media is processed in Dolby 5.1 as standard, the bit rate vary's depending on the broadcast but you should always receive a 5.1 audio source. If you are not receiving this then it could either be your AV amp not upmixing to 5.1 or it could be a fault with the settings on your V+ box. Is your V+ set to HDMI audio overide in the settings menu? If you still have issues after confirming all your settings are correct then I would report this to Virgin's TV faults team.

Hope this helps!

Dazza said...

I bought a filmflex HD film Apocoylpto a while ago and it wasn't in DD 5.1
My av amp is 6 months old and decodes BBC HD perfectly in 5.1.
Also Bluray films are decoded correctly so i dont think its my amp.
BBC HD sounds amazing through the v+ box so I dont think its that either.HDMI audio overide is "ON" and DD 5.1 is is displayed on my amp through bbcHD.
Might have been aone-off.

Dazza said...

Not ALL HD content is broadcast in 5.1 but to be fair to VM the original i believe wasn't broadcast in 5.1 ( Band of Brothers HD)but i agree the majority of HD is broadcast in 5.1subject to the original material.