April 08, 2008

Re-format your V+ disc

Just a quick one:
If you've got some rogue recordings that keep appearing no matter how many times you delete them on the V+, the only way to remove them is to reformat the V+'s hard disk. It's not something to do casually as ALL programmes recorded will vanish forever, but if you may consider it worthwhile. Here's how you do it:
  1. All operations are carried out using the Remote Control
  2. Press the 'HOME' Button
  3. Press down the Play button for 5 seconds (E-00 Will appear on the V+ box front display)
  4. Press the V+ Button. (E-01 Will appear on the V+ front display)
  5. Press the CH - button 4 times. (As you do this hdd1, hdd2, hdd3 and then hdd4 will appear on the display)
  6. Reformatting will then begin and rFt will appear on the display and it'll take a few minutes and then the box will reboot.
  7. After reformatting leave the box for about 10 minutes before re-inputting series links to allow the EPG to fully load.
(The bug that causes this was supposed to be fixed in the last code drop, but my V+ has half a dozen programmes recorded in the last month that are refusing to disappear.)


Flummoxed said...

Purely by accident I discovered that the coding seems to be more robust on the V+ page which lists recorded programmes by A-Z rather than date recorded. When I had this problem, the programmes which had issues were listed on the A-Z list with a run time of zero. When I deleted them from this page, they stayed deleted. I've only had the problem once, and this cleared it without a reformat, so it might be useful for someone else. ATB!

Nialli said...

Thanks for the tip -I'll check that out. Wonder if it does the same for the "By Series" listing, too.
I know that Sky+ customers are advised by the support team to format their discs on an annual basis for "maximum reliability"