April 19, 2008

New on this blog

The daily update on what's new on BBC HD each evening seems to be quite popular, so I've added two more regular lists of HD On Demand information that I'll endeavour to keep current:
  • FilmFlex seems to be expanding its selection of HD films - here's the current listing for my region.
  • TV Choice On Demand HD has some quality US imports, all free of charge to XL customers. (Go to TV Choice On Demand, 9, 1 to access.)
I've not bothered adding a panel for the BBC HD On Demand as that's been constant for months. If you want the full listing for that, please check out this post, where the other info is out of date but the BBC stuff is still true.


Anonymous said...

One slight comment:
Could you link the FilmFlext titles to IMDB - I know I am lazy but that would be awsome!

Nialli said...

Done! Now if I could just find the time to make them all the same colour....