April 25, 2008

ITV1 HD coming in the spring with Freesat

Old news maybe, but here's the official words from ITV.com:

ITV has committed to launch an HD channel in 2008. ITV1 HD will feature the best of ITV sport and drama in stunning high definition quality. It will begin as a two-to three-hour peak time service that will extend its hours as HD audiences build.

HD is already capturing public imagination and industry forecasts suggest that the number of HD ready sets could reach 30 million by the end of switchover.

The launch of ITV1 HD will ensure that ITV is at the forefront of the HD revolution for our viewers and advertisers.


A new digital satellite TV service from the BBC and ITV. Scheduled for launch in 2008, freesat has no monthly subscription, just a one-off payment for the digital box, satellite dish and installation. For more information visit the official freesat website.

No mention of ITV1 HD on cable (or Sky, come to that) - I'm sure I'm not the only one who sincerely hopes that both this and C4 HD appear on Virgin Media before the summer.

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Nialli said...

According to the ITV website (http://www.itv.com/Help/hdtvhelp/default.html) ITV HD will launch EXCLUSIVELY on FreeSat. Hmmmm - not on cable nor Sky. I recall ITV withheld ITV for a few years from Sky when it launched OnDigital, but I´m surprised they´re adopting similar tactics now, especially with Sky still having a 17% stake in the company.