April 18, 2008

No C4 HD on FreeSat at launch

According to this exclusive on Digital Spy, Channel 4HD will not be appearing on the new FreeSat format when it launches shortly. So, did C4 and Sky agree some kind of exclusivity deal to prevent the fledgling HD channel appearing on other platforms? Or are there 'technical issues' with providing the service? Whatever, something's amiss, and one of the country's 'public sector broadcasters' ain't delivering to a lot of its public...

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demented said...

That sucks but is not a surprise.

All I hope is that in both VM and freesat's case (for different reasons) that C4HD appears on both after May but way before October as I think there's all the difference in the world between the two dates. I think it'll bite both platforms extremely hard if it is October (or later). It's good c4 is FTA though, that's a consolation.