May 02, 2008

BBC HD over the holiday weekend

Friday night is a treat for fans of Gavin and Stacey, with all seven episodes of the second season being shown in HD back to back from 9pm.
On Saturday things kick off a little earlier than usual with a Natural World about the snow leopards. The "entertainment" of I'd Do Anything is the only new programme today though - the rest of the schedule being repeats of Robin Hood, Hotel Babylon, Gavin & Stacey, Mitchell and Webb case you thought you were going to escape him completely, Jools Holland's Later.
Sunday: Tiger Spy in the Jungle, The Invisibles and something called Scallywagga all pale into insignificance, cos the Beeb are showing RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK in glorious HD at 20.05! Awesome!
On Monday, there's the not-at-all-bad Nicholas Cage movie National Treasure at 16:35, but the evening is all repeats including Hustle and Saxondale.


Hubert said...
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Hubert said...

Recording on my V+ box failed even though it had enough space free and the recording LED was on at the right time :( Anyone else experience this?

Hubert said...

...On Raiders of the Lost Ark on Sunday night, that is.

demented said...

Watched it. Excellent news that this film was on, would have watched it in standard.

The only puzzle was what was going on on BBC1? When I flicked over there was a picture that had been cropped to 4:3! The picture quality of this cropped film was about the worst I've seen in a long time so there was a vast difference switching over to BBC HD :D.