May 05, 2008

ITV HD "exclusive" for launch of FreeSat this week

According to the ITV website ITV HD will launch EXCLUSIVELY on FreeSat this week, albeit with very little HD content. Hmmmm - not on cable nor Sky. I recall ITV withheld ITV for a few years from Sky when it launched OnDigital, but I´m surprised they´re adopting similar tactics now, especially with Sky still having a 17% stake in the company. With the Champions League final likely to be one of ITV´s biggest programmes in years, I´m somewhat surprised it´ll be only available in HD on ITV to what will most likely just be a few thousand households at most. Odd decision.
I´d expect ITV HD to be on satellite and (fingers crossed) cable by the time Euro 2008 comes round.


Anonymous said...

Will ITV HD Be Showing F1 In HD Or Not Thanks

Nialli said...

there haven't been any programming details I've seen yet. Should get more info tomorrow though, as Freesat's official launch is on May 6

Anonymous said...

off topic, but Band Of Brothers has Episode six in my area(Basildon). Since yesterday(4th May)

Carol Steele said...

Re: BoB
We've had duplicate episodes of 5, 6 and 7 showing here in the SW (ex TW) until recently when they removed the dupes - showing 8 episodes now (last one is where they are ordered to take enemy prisoners).