May 19, 2008

New HD documentaries and other stuff

As you may have noticed, there are several new documentaries now available in HD via TV choice on demand - all free to TV XL customers. Listing in the usual panel to my right.
Also available - though you have to dig a bit deeper in the darker areas (Late Night 24/7!) - is Bikini Destinations in HD. I should point out that I didn't stumble over this myself but someone mailed me about it ... honest!
Darren Clift kindly mailed me a response he's had from VM on the provision of HD channels. Same sad old story I'm afraid - here it is in full:
In regards to ITV and C4 HD channels Virgin Media is not planning to launch these channels in the immediate future but will continue to deliver HD programming via our market leading Video-on-Demand (VOD) service.
One of the reasons we're focusing on using VOD is that the few existing HD broadcast channels operating, currently only show a rather limited selection of their programmes in True HD format. We will however continue to monitor developments on both ITV HD and Channel 4 HD channel and their popularity with viewers.
As you know, we've already made a wide range of HD programmes available in HD via our VOD service, including Planet Earth, Lost, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty, and currently Lost series 3, Band of Brothers, and The Sopranos are all available in HD on our on demand service.
We have an agreement with Channel 4 to continue showing more of their HD programming via the 4 On Demand area of the Virgin VOD service, and we will also continue broadcasting the BBC's HD channel, which will be improving its programming line up in 2008. In addition we will be working with the BBC to provide HD programmes within the recently launched iPlayer service later in the year.
Finally, on a more positive note: Radio Times is publishing full BBC HD listings in its latest issue. Hurrah - the Beeb is taking it seriously at last! Of course TV & Satellite Week has been publishing them for months, but hopefully with this and Freesat promoting BBC HD things will improve now schedule-wise with our sole HD channel.


The Little Guy said...

I don't see where the HD Desperate Housweives and Ugly Betty?

Nialli said...

Both were around last year but there's been no sign of either with the latest series running. Standard definition versions are available in the 4OD listings at 99p per episode.

Carol Steele said...

Last two episodes of Band of Brothers have finally arrived here in the South West.

Superb series.

Nialli said...

Still missing episode six in SE London but now have the rest of the series - albeit just for ten more days