May 29, 2008

New BBC HD On Demand content?

It's been static for many, many months, but hopefully we'll see new content added to the BBC's On Demand HD selection (Home - 6 - 2 - 1) in the next few days. Why the optimism? Well, the "Days Left" counter on all the programmes I've checked is now down to a single day and, unlike the counters on the TV Choice On Demand HD selection which appear somewhat random, these have been pretty accurate in the past.
Now for my natural pessimism. My money would be on it all disappearing completely for a while - that would be fairly typical VM content management and is even more likely with the likely focus on the appearance of the BBC iPlayer to the Virgin On Demand listings next week. (And although they've said HD content will appear 'in the future' in iPlayer I'm not anticipating it being imminent, and when it does appear it will only probably be content from the previous seven days.)
Hopefully older "showcase" content will eventually appear, replacing the tired Blue Planet/Innocence Project/Supervolcano programming that most of us have already seen a zillion times. It would be nice if they added a broader selection of content, and my pick of the more recent programming would be Glastonbury 2007, Galapagos, Torchwood, Earth: the Power of the Planet, Robin Hood, BBC4 Sessions, Electric Proms, Around the World in 80 Gardens and Wild China. Given that US series are presumably not available, there's actually not as big a selection to choose from. Am I missing anything?


Carol Steele said...

I would add
Tiger - Spy in the Jungle
Snow Leopards

Carol Steele said...

After showing a "1 day left" for 2 days, it is now showing "Last Day".

Funny old world :)

Nialli said...

Hey, I forgot could I? Also, Bleak House would be good.